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Full Game Cycle

I suppose it would be disingenuous to start this post as if I didn’t fall off the face of the earth for the past month and a half or so. I only have one excuse:


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That’s A Wrap For Inventory Work

State of the Union

Well, folks, that’s it. After what seemed to be the longest month of development so far, I have finally put the finishing touches on all the prototype work I’ve done on the Inventory system and all the other various systems that interact with it. I certainly did not expect to spend so much time on it, but I also did not anticipate adding feature after feature. Every time that I thought I was done, I always had an idea for something else to add in.

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2 Hour Challenge: Unit Switching

This morning’s update almost never came to be.

For newcomers to this blog, I commute about 5 hours (round trip) door to door from my home town of Poughkeepsie, NY to downtown Manhattan, NYC, where my company’s office is. I’ve been doing this song and dance since 2004, it’s quite old, I hate it, I hate trains, I hate people, etc.

The one thing that keeps me going is the fact that I do get to get a fair amount of game development. That is, if I’m able to stay awake…

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Item -> Equipment Slot Swapping. Also Added Attributes To UI Above Equipment.

This might as well be called the month of “Inventory UI”. It’s been the only thing I’ve worked on thus far, and just when I think I’m done, I’m like, “Oh shit, I should probably support this minor feature as well”. Minor features are, well, minor, but a dozen of them = month of “Inventory UI” 🙂

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And Now For Something Totally New… More Inventory UI Stuff!

 My work with the Inventory System continues. On the one hand, just because of how I like to develop (i.e. bouncing from system to system), I’m a little drained with my work on this. On the other hand, however, an Inventory System is one of the key components to any RPG, and it has to be done right. Also, I have been able to knock out a lot of the core work of it. The way I have reconciled this in my mind is: The more I get done now, the less I’ll have to address later.

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Solid Progress On Inventory UI

I admit I got distracted more than I wanted to this week, however, when I was able to focus, I was able to get some solid progress done on the inventory UI.

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Unit Equipment Slots Prototyping

A few days ago, I finished prototyping some inventory drag & drop functionality, which I discussed in February’s State of the Union. The next logical step was to begin working on unit equipment slots, and making sure the drag & drop stuff worked there as well.

Of course, I actually had to do some upfront UI work in order to display a unit’s equipment slots.

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Lots Of Internal Systems Work, With A Little UI Sprinkled On Top

State Of The Union

Man, what a month. I put so much effort into this website that I missed out on about 8-9 days of development time. However, once I got back to it, I was able to keep up the same frantic pace of work I had back in December. And I needed it, because this month was certainly the most programming centric one, which found me building from scratch many core systems for the game. Luckily, I was able to finish the month off with a little UI work.

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Inventory UI Resizing Work

After I finished work getting the Inventory UI finished, as well as the tool tips, I immediately was thinking that it was just too damned large. As I started making changes, I realized how annoying it was to do it. I had to change the width/height of the main panel, the inventory slots panel, each slot, and each image within the slot. Also, another thought arose. What if I wanted to make this a little more generic, and use it in different places in the game? It was clear to me that I need to be a little more smart about how these settings were used, and come up with a solution to make the creation of them a little more dynamic.

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Inventory UI Prototyping

After finishing working on my Attribute system last week, I dove head first into work on an Item system (consumables, weapons, armor, etc.).  Much of the work on Attributes ended up helping me with my work on Items in ways that just… made sense…

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