State Of The Union

Well, folks, it’s been a long time coming. It’s finally time to officially talk about what’s been going on in this crazy mind of mine over the last 2+ years.

During the last year or so of the long death march that was the development of Family & Country, I started beginning to think about what was next. Even though I was still working on a game, the bulk of the work was already finished. It was more about dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of play tests, bug reporting, bug fixing, and the like. There was lots of work surrounding the marketing campaign. I was working like a mad man trying to get in contact with some generous voice actors, to fill the last remaining spots in the game. I know that seems like a lot (it is!), but I wasn’t really doing any hard code development. Since I was in a holding pattern for a lot of the time, I had lots of time to think…

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