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That Sweet Zone Defense… Err, Zone AI…

After I implemented my Kamikaze A.I., I knew the fun was over for a bit, because the code was disgusting as all hell, and I had to bring some sort of decency to it, lest I lose my mind. So that’s what I did during the earlier part of the day. And damn, it was boring as shit.

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Let’s Do This!!!

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough. I’ve been trying to handle all of these other things (which are important), but at the end of the day, it’s all lead up to this. The first implementation of artificial intelligence in this game.

And god damn, what a start to it all.

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Fixing Pathfinding…

So, I implemented pathfinding a while back. But like everything else I’ve been working on, I just did a quick and dirty implementation and moved on. Fast forward to today, and now that I’m getting ready to finally embark on that journey that is Unit A.I., I’ve had to take a small detour to fix up a known bug.

In today’s GIF, you can see me selecting a tile across the water for a particular unit. And, you can see them do the right thing, which is go around the water, across the desert bridge (why do I even have that there, lol), and to the destination. But this wasn’t what would happen a few days ago. You’d get the following:

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Turn Order GUI Work…

As I discussed at the end of my last journal entry, I have a Trello card, called “Allow Clickable Turn Order GUI”. Well, I finally got around to addressing it, and it turned out to be pretty easy.

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3rd Time Was The Charm!!!

One of the cards I have on my Prototype board in Trello was “Show Attack Tiles”. I’ve already had the logic to highlight the movement tiles for a while, but I always knew that I wanted to come back and increase the range of highlighted tiles to show where the unit can’t actually damage other units with its equipped weapon.

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Screw Version Control, Having Too Much Fun With Sound & Music!!!

So, I was supposed to start working on some version control. To be fair, not a lot of work has to be done. I just need to create a Github repository for the project, create a prototype branch, and check in the code. But damn if I’m not getting distracted integrating sounds and music into the game!

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About Time I Wrote Some Unit Tests…

Ah, good ole Unit Tests.

When I joined the industry in 2004, my company, Vindigo, was all about Extreme Programming. One of the pillars of it is test driven development. Unit tests in particular are pieces of code that test particular components of your code, usually the public methods in your classes. I won’t go into all the details of it, but unit tests give you some level of comfort (when written properly) that if you make changes to the functionality of your application, if tests pass, you probably didn’t break that much stuff.

So from the start of my career, I was taught the right way to do things. Then, many years passed, we got shut down, and in the next stage of my career, test driven development sort of fell to the wayside, in favor of “Get this shit out the door now!!!”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Rudimentary Scrolling Implemented…

The development train keeps up its momentum with the latest implemented system: Map Scrolling. Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly sexy, but it’s something that is super important, and key to the look and feel of the game.

Now, as I’ve said over and over again, I’m still in prototype mode, so I just whipped up something pretty rudimentary. I know there are ways to to improve it, however, it does what I need it to do, and that is all that really matters.

As for how it’s implemented, it comes down to the following:

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Decent Turn Order GUI Prototype Progress…

Even though I knew exactly what I wanted to work on today, the morning started out very slow. I was attempting to do some work in the bedroom while my daughter watched some cartoons, but that didn’t work, as she was more impressed with sitting next to me and pressing every single button on the laptop. Then, she laid on me, I decided to “rest my eyes”, and a couple of hours later, I woke up, feeling like shit.

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Next Up… Unit Turn Order…

I’ve been a little busy with work lately, getting ready for a pretty big release in the coming weeks. It sucks, because it’s taken so much of my time that I haven’t been able to do as much game development as I would like. But, such is life…

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