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Solid Progress On Inventory UI

I admit I got distracted more than I wanted to this week, however, when I was able to focus, I was able to get some solid progress done on the inventory UI.

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Unit Equipment Slots Prototyping

A few days ago, I finished prototyping some inventory drag & drop functionality, which I discussed in February’s State of the Union. The next logical step was to begin working on unit equipment slots, and making sure the drag & drop stuff worked there as well.

Of course, I actually had to do some upfront UI work in order to display a unit’s equipment slots.

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Inventory UI Resizing Work

After I finished work getting the Inventory UI finished, as well as the tool tips, I immediately was thinking that it was just too damned large. As I started making changes, I realized how annoying it was to do it. I had to change the width/height of the main panel, the inventory slots panel, each slot, and each image within the slot. Also, another thought arose. What if I wanted to make this a little more generic, and use it in different places in the game? It was clear to me that I need to be a little more smart about how these settings were used, and come up with a solution to make the creation of them a little more dynamic.

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Inventory UI Prototyping

After finishing working on my Attribute system last week, I dove head first into work on an Item system (consumables, weapons, armor, etc.).  Much of the work on Attributes ended up helping me with my work on Items in ways that just… made sense…

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Creating An Attribute System


The core guts of an RPG. These values help drive the game, and many of the core systems. For this game, they will help shape, as you would expect, the combat system. That’s the easy part. The hardest part will be the implementation. And if I break it down any further, it’s not really the actual implementation, it’s how I implement it.

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You Can Now Fight It Out With The CPU From Beginning To End…

Once I was finished with the Kamikaze & Zone AI implementations, I already knew there was only one thing left to do: Get some basic (and I mean basic!) combat logic in so that this new AI and I could actually fight against each other. Turns out, I was able to get more than I expected in. Either way, the end result is that you can now fight it out with the CPU from beginning to end.

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That Sweet Zone Defense… Err, Zone AI…

After I implemented my Kamikaze A.I., I knew the fun was over for a bit, because the code was disgusting as all hell, and I had to bring some sort of decency to it, lest I lose my mind. So that’s what I did during the earlier part of the day. And damn, it was boring as shit.

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Let’s Do This!!!

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough. I’ve been trying to handle all of these other things (which are important), but at the end of the day, it’s all lead up to this. The first implementation of artificial intelligence in this game.

And god damn, what a start to it all.

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Fixing Pathfinding…

So, I implemented pathfinding a while back. But like everything else I’ve been working on, I just did a quick and dirty implementation and moved on. Fast forward to today, and now that I’m getting ready to finally embark on that journey that is Unit A.I., I’ve had to take a small detour to fix up a known bug.

In today’s GIF, you can see me selecting a tile across the water for a particular unit. And, you can see them do the right thing, which is go around the water, across the desert bridge (why do I even have that there, lol), and to the destination. But this wasn’t what would happen a few days ago. You’d get the following:

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Turn Order GUI Work…

As I discussed at the end of my last journal entry, I have a Trello card, called “Allow Clickable Turn Order GUI”. Well, I finally got around to addressing it, and it turned out to be pretty easy.

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