There have been many “life things” happening over the past few weeks, but things have slowed down considerably, and I’m back on the wagon. Hopefully, this next run will be a fruitful one.

State of the Union

So as mentioned above, it’s been an eventful few weeks. We have an annual BBQ at our house where friends and family from all over the country come to attend, and this year, we doubled the number of people who came, from around 30 to 60+. As you can imagine, it’s a logistical (though well worth it) nightmare. After that BBQ, I needed a week to myself to just recover, and then shortly after that, my younger cousin, who is about to head off to college to play football stopped by for a few days, so there’s that.

But I’m back now.

The last things I was working on were all centered around my new ability system. Spells got the love the first go round, and now, Talents were up next. But, because I wanted to start with something a little smaller to ease my way back into things, I took a little crack at sound effects.

Sound Effects

When I started using this one particular spell asset pack from the Unity asset store, the one thing I was impressed with was that each spell had its own sound effect associated with it. It got me thinking about how, even though there are a bunch of sound effects for things like when selecting units, browsing your inventory, etc., there were still a bunch of missing.

And so began the hunt on the internet for royalty free sound effects I could slot in for the time being. I ended up with the following:

  • footsteps
  • melee attacks
  • wand attacks

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal, and no one is going to play this game and be like “Holy shit, listen to those footsteps when you move units around!”. But at the same time, it’s something the game should have, thus my effort was well worth the time.


The spell part of the ability system implementation went well. It allowed me to start creating some core frameworks for how abilities in general would work. With that framework all set up, I thought I’d be able to just roll in with Talents, but as you can expect, it wasn’t that easy.

The biggest hurdle was dealing with actual talent animations. Spells were easy because it’s mostly the VFX you apply to the unit(s), along with a “casting” animation. With talents, you need to see the unit performing the action. Such as Whirlwind Slash, which is in today’s GIF.

As always, I probably spent more time than needed on this, especially since I’m working with a very basis sprite set. At the same time, since I’m not 100% certain when I’ll be getting new assets, I wanted to at least mock some of the talents as much as possible. This involved re-learning how to use Unity’s animation system, something I hadn’t touched since last December. After a few hours of “relearning”, I was more or less good to go.

Another thing I had to implement was how to handle different abilities that had different ranges/AOE ranges. For instance, all the spells I implemented had at least a range of 3 or more, with some having an AOE range of 1-2. Going back to Whirlwind Slash for a bit, this one is different in that there is no target range. The target is the unit using the ability. At the same time, there is an AOE range of 1.

Since the system I had implemented a few weeks ago did not take into account abilities where the target is the calling unit, some minor changes had to be made to allow them.

One thing that I wish I had finished before today was showing all units that are going to be attacked by an AOE ability. Right now, it only shows the first one in the list. That should be easy to fix. In fact, yeah, that’s the next thing I’ll be working on after I finish up some more talents.

What’s Next?

  • Finish implementing a couple more talents
  • Show all targeted units for AOE abilities during the confirmation UI
  • have SPEED attribute actually affect the Turn Order
  • have basic battle attributes, such as DEFENSE, STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, etc. affect combat in a real way.