My work with the Inventory System continues. On the one hand, just because of how I like to develop (i.e. bouncing from system to system), I’m a little drained with my work on this. On the other hand, however, an Inventory System is one of the key components to any RPG, and it has to be done right. Also, I have been able to knock out a lot of the core work of it. The way I have reconciled this in my mind is: The more I get done now, the less I’ll have to address later.

 So, the latest work I just finished up was on item comparisons. I had previously posted about work I did on general tool tips for items when you mouse over them. Well, once I had finished work on equipment slots and being able to equip items, it was clear than I needed to show the player a side by side comparison of both the equipped item, and the item they may want to equip. Yes, I understand that there is absolutely nothing new or innovative here. But it’s work I must do, nonetheless.

So as of now, the tool tips in general are hard coded to only allow 2 attributes: Strength & Critical Chance %. And as is the standard, if the item you may equip has a lower attribute it will be shown in red, and if it’s higher, it will be shown in green. Actually, I know there are other indicators out there. Some people show a green “up” triangle, or a “down” red one. I’m not going to get caught up on that at the moment, I just needed to implement some indicator in there for the purposes of this prototype. Because yes, I need to keep reminding myself, it’s a prototype.

Eventually, I’ll have to have the lists of attributes a little more dynamic, which will also determine the sizing/positioning of the tool tips as well. I think for now, I’ll just stick with what I have.

Till tomorrow…