I’ve been a little busy with work lately, getting ready for a pretty big release in the coming weeks. It sucks, because it’s taken so much of my time that I haven’t been able to do as much game development as I would like. But, such is life…

So, after I finished working on the pathfinding prototype a few days ago, I realized that I needed the ability to switch back and forth between allies. I spent so much time trying to get the pathfinding working that I didn’t do too much thinking about what comes next. It was pretty clear to me that I would need some “Turn Order” system, which would essentially be comprised of a priority queue and some value that the queue could be prioritized off of. For now, just due to lack of a character stat system in general, that value will be based off of a characters SPEED attribute.

I mean, it’s exactly as you would expect it. Whoever has the highest speed will be at the front of the queue. If someone has 2x the speed on someone else (whether naturally, or through a spell or something), then they’ll have the chance to move 2x before the other person can. The concept is pretty straightforward, it’s just going about and implementing it that will be the work.

As of now, I just have a plain old List object, where I’m adding the existing party members to. Whoever’s turn it is, only they can be selected to move. Once their turn is over, they’ll be removed from the list, then added at the back of it, and it will be the next person’s turn. Rinse, repeat. Next up will be some GUI work so you can actually see the turn order on the screen, which will allow you to better plan your next move.

I don’t plan on spending that much time on tihis little prototype, but I hope to get a good deal done over the weekend.

Then, I can move on to yet another prototype. Heh, you never really know how many systems are in a turn based strategy RPG until you start making one 🙂

Till tomorrow…