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Month: September 2016

Look At That… It Worked…

As you can see from the above GIF, I definitely was able to get something done these past few days. And luckly for me, they were more or less the things I outlined in my last post as things I wanted to work on next.

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Starting From The Bottom…

Ever since I started working on Rose of Eternity games, while I have definitely squeezed as much as I possibly could out of the Aurora & Eclipse engines, there were always limitations. There were so many times were I was like, “Shit, if only the engine exposed this functionality” or “Man, I wish I could change the look of this character sheet UI”.

On the other side of the coin, I was given so much out the gate. Conversation editors, level/area creation tools, scripting languages… And that’s not even counting all the stuff under the hood. Rendering, physics, and who knows how many other systems. I never had to think about it. I was able to just sit back and do what I do. Implement combat systems, create semi-branching story lines, a little level design, and tie it all up with a nice, shiny bow.

Now, I have to start from the bottom. But where? That was one of the biggest lingering questions I had in my mind over the past few months.

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A New Beginning…

State Of The Union

Well, folks, it’s been a long time coming. It’s finally time to officially talk about what’s been going on in this crazy mind of mine over the last 2+ years.

During the last year or so of the long death march that was the development of Family & Country, I started beginning to think about what was next. Even though I was still working on a game, the bulk of the work was already finished. It was more about dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of play tests, bug reporting, bug fixing, and the like. There was lots of work surrounding the marketing campaign. I was working like a mad man trying to get in contact with some generous voice actors, to fill the last remaining spots in the game. I know that seems like a lot (it is!), but I wasn’t really doing any hard code development. Since I was in a holding pattern for a lot of the time, I had lots of time to think…

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